Sunday, 28 May 2017

Ask Yourself These Before making a Decision to Move Cities

Moving from a settled location to another is a matter that really requires deep consideration. Whether you move because your job demands so or you simple move because you want to explore new scope, both ways considering various angles is absolutely necessary. Here are a few questions that you need to ask yourself and the answers will lead you whether the moving is going to be beneficial for you:

Ask Yourself These Before making a Decision to Move Cities
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·         Can I really afford a moving?
While people make a decision to move out, they often tend to forget their financial ability. Whether you are going after a job promotion is not simply enough to justify a moving out decision. You need to understand your financial capacity to maintain and furnish a new settlement. Apart from this there are to main things that are a must consider:
1.      Make sure that the cost of your housing in the new place that includes the taxes and the interest as well as the principal should not take up a huge part of your salary prior to taxing. If the amount exceeds around 28% then you must understand that moving to the place you have decided is not a financially stable option for you.
2.      Make sure that your debts like the car loan or the house and personal loans, etc. should not exceed 38% of what you earn monthly before deducting the tax. If that exceeds then you are financially not stable enough to settle in a new city.

·         What is the difference in the cost of living in both the places?
This another big question that must be settled. Say your salary increases and also you have seen that your financial position is good. But the place where you will shift will require considerable amount as a part of your cost of living. Some cities have higher cost of living than others and therefore it is a must that you check the cost of living of the city before you actually move. Make the move beneficial for you and not a loss.

·         Can my family really adjust?
Not only you and your financial position, but while you move out make sure that your family is also comfortable with the place of shifting. For this you need to do a thorough check of the school and other facilities as well as the locality and the neighbourhood you will settle in. This will allow your family to be comfortable away from their known place.

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