Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Do's and Dont's When Shifting Home in Marathahalli

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Undoubtedly moving is a stressful task. A lot of people prefer to do the entire shifting and relocation on their own but there are a good number of people who believe in time-saving and stress reduction, they opt for packing and moving company. It is totally an individual choice, there are many things that you can incorporate to make the entire moving easy and smooth.

Below are some dos and don'ts by packers and movers marathahalli that you can follow to make the entire moving without any hassle.

Do's during shifting home in Marathahalli

1. Plan well in advance and allocate at least 1-2 days per room for packing and discarding unused or unwanted items. Take you time for the entire process so that there is no need to repeat the discarding process again at new home.

2. Always hire trusted and reliable packers and movers bangalore marathahalli. You can get almost all the information regarding the moving company online, in addition to it, you can also ask your friends and family who have recently shifted. You can take their recommendation and feedback, this will help you to shortlist the best and reliable packing and moving company. You can shortlist the best company that fulfills your needs and is affordable at the same time.

3. It is always best to take insurance of goods belonging during moving, this will cover the loss and damages of good during transportation. You can check with the moving company about the insurance if they don't provide with the facility, you can get in touch with a reliable insurance company.

4. Mark and properly label the boxes containing fragile items. This will protect them  from damage.

5. Remove all the tube lights and bulbs and pack them carefully along with the lamps.

6. Label all the boxes with their contents, you can use different colors. With the help of color code, you can easily place the boxes at desired rooms at new home. This will make unpacking easier.
Dont's during shifting home in Marathahalli

1. Packing is a challenging task, it is very important to plan everything properly. There are a lot of things that must be done on limited time. Always keep some time in your hand to avoid last minute hassle.

2. Don't send valuables and important documents on the moving vehicle. You should always carry important documents like birth certificate, financial documents, passport, mark sheets jewelry, cash etc along with you.

3. During the packing and moving always direct and advise the staff about all the belongings, this will help them to do the job properly. Moving is a big task so don't get disappear during the important day.

4. Never hire an unknown packer and mover agency, many moving companies will promise to provide the best service in low cost but they often fail to do so. It is best to research well and always check the reviews and ratings of the company before finalizing.

5. Never pack any flammable items or perishable goods in the moving vehicle.

6. Don't interrupt the moving staff when they are handling heavy objects and furniture, there are more chances of distraction, slip ups, and injuries.

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