Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Moving Company Estimate- How is it Done? @ Movers and Packers in Marathahalli

Moving Company Estimate- How is it Done?
When it is time for home shifting, cost is a crucial point which cannot be ignored. No one wants to pay a heavy amount or want to feel cheated at the end of the day. Getting an accurate moving estimate is very important to get started before the actual relocation.
Moving Estimation
It is must to get an estimation beforehand from your packers and movers. You should feel content and confident with your moving company. Moreover, the expected cost should be clear and transparent. This will help you to move further into your possession. Before that, share accurate accounting of all the belongings, this will make the job of estimator easy especially when you have heavy items to relocated. Keep the estimator updated, tell him if you are carrying any extra stuff like new heavy furniture, fragile items etc, The detailed information will help you to get an accurate estimation of your belongings.
How moving company estimate??
Here are some common ways which are followed by moving companies for the estimation.
1.    If you are moving within the city of Bangalore, the packing and moving company will usually change based on the hour. It can vary based on the number of moving staffs which are needed to move the belongings. It sometimes also depends on the vehicle size and the number of trips to load and unload the belongings at the new place.
2.    If you are planning a long distance move, the final moving cost is based majorly on the volume of the belongings. The entire estimation is also based on the total moving distance. In short, the weight and distance play a major role.

Before finalizing packers and movers always check with them about the type of estimation which they work on and follow. Here are the common types of estimate.
  • Non-binding moving estimate:

It is not the common type of estimate, make sure you are approaching a reliable mover. Else a shady mover can drastically shoot up the moving cost, it can sound good but they actually are not. The final cost is higher and the cost can go up from 10-15 % which is definitely not a good deal.
  • Binding moving estimate:

This type of estimate allows you to share a budget as per your quotes. If the actual moving cost is less than the estimate of your belongings you still have to pay the estimated amount quoted.
3.    Binding not to exceed moving estimate
This is the best type of estimate, it is popularly called as “guaranteed price “or sometimes “price protection”. The price is adjusted if it exceeds after the move is done. Binding not to exceed moving estimate is considered as the most consumer-friendly type and suitable for all type of people. It is the common kind of estimate which doesn't burn a big hole in the customer's pocket. This type is perfect for long distance relocation of the house.

Always do your homework regarding the estimation before finalizing a package in moving company.

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