Thursday, 7 June 2018

5 things to do when moving your house

5 things to do when moving your house
So you are ready to make a change of residence and prepare for it. Changing your home can be very simple if you are planning well before moving your home. Here's the five-point checklist to help you get ready and move your home smoothly.

Prepare your family, your children and your belongings:
You know that we often think that if all your belongings are moved correctly, then you are done, but only the goods are not that you are going to change. When you move your house, it means a lot. There are a lot of emotions attached to your old home and you have to prepare your family and especially the children to feel comfortable in your new home. You should ideally take your children and family to your new home and let them feel happy about the space if possible.

This first part can be subjective to your own decision;this second part is somehow obligatory. Prepare a list of goods that you will move. There would be unused items, leave them, there are some useful items but the cost of their transport is almost equivalent to buying a new one, leave them. All I'm trying to say is prepare a list of goods you want to move. This list will help you hire packers and movers and, on that basis, you can even plan how to package them properly in your new home.
Hire Packers and Movers and Plan Your Packaging
The next step is to hire packers and movers who can help you with the change. When you hire packers and movers, be sure to talk to a few companies, do good negotiations, have everything written (estimates), make sure there are no hidden costs and most importantly they have their branch network in both locations.

Once you have a Packers and Movers company finalized, give them in advance and plan the date of packing, transportation, destination, offloading, etc. Stay in touch with them and remind them a day in advance according to the schedule.

Carry precious possessions and important documents with yourself:
It does not matter how your packers and movers will handle everything, but there are some things you should always carry with you like jewelry, your passport, ration card, pan cards and other valuable documents / agreements, etc.

Documentation and other things to do:
Make sure you start updating your mailing address, etc. according to your schedule. Make payments to local suppliers or guy services like milk supplier, newspaper vendors, dry cleaners and laundry services, etc.

Before leaving your house, be sure to clean your old house because someone else can come here to stay and make sure to leave the keys to someone who will take care of the property or the owner if it is a rented apartment.

General utility amenities:

Arrange the usual utility supplies like water, gas and electricity in your new home. You probably have already done that, but if you do not, do it.

Check and make sure your new home is clean and all amenities are available. You should also have keys with you.I hope these tips will be of great help to you as you move your home. Feel free to share your experience and other ideas that I could leave.