Saturday, 14 July 2018

Beware of Fraud Packers and Movers in Marathahalli Bangalore! Key Things to Remember When Choosing One.

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Every year many people fall victim to one or another moving scam. Packing and moving to a new location is already a challenging task and it is very important to hire a responsible packing and moving company to do the job so that your moving is done perfectly. Worried about the scammer will not help, here are some top moving scams to which many people fall victim.
  • Scam 1: Demand for additional money: This is the most common scam done by the unprofessional moving company, the packers, and movers will pack, load and drive to the end destination. During the time of unloading, they usually demand an additional whopping amount. In order to avoid this always hire packers and movers Marathahalli They usually share the final quotation and bills in writing. When everything is cleared on paper, you can protect yourself from moving scam.
  • Scam 2: The Shifty Scale: Almost all the moving company charges the price based on the total volume of the shipment. If a moving company is not reliable, they usually will quote a very low price at the beginning or will provide just an approximate price based on a rough calculation of weight. Then, during the time of uploading while reaching to the new place, they will bring a heavier weight scale and estimate the value. You may end up paying a huge price than the actual quoted one. The price difference can burn a huge hole in your pocket. Always check the exact weight and then pay.
  • Scam 3: the dicey broker: Among several moving scams this is the most popular one. Many packing and moving company will share a quotation and finalize a cheap moving price on either phone or mail. They won't even pay a visit at home to properly estimate all the belongings personally. In addition to it, they would ask for an advanced deposition. Finally, these companies outsource the moving assignment to another random small moving company. This new company will also demand a minimum price to get started. The worst part is, you cannot reach the scammer as they will get away by saying we have shared all the details with a new company and now they are responsible for the job to be done. Always keep a check on right packers and movers Marathahalli.
  • Scam 4: Quoting low: This method is also known as a lowball, the moving company will sell their services for a surprisingly lower price and then after reaching the destination, they will raise the rates. Many customer fall victim to this scam, the get only aware of the raised in price during the day of moving. Since everything has been planned early they fall victim to this scam. This can be easily avoided by getting all the details of services during the initial booking.
Here are Some Key Things to Remember When Choosing The Right Packers and Movers
  1. It is must for the Packers and moving company staff to behave professionally with the customers. They should have a website, email ID and phone number in major public platforms and directories.
  2. The staff of the moving company should be well trained and skills to do the job. They should not be rude or unprofessional to  the customers and should be well equipped with the needful things for a safe relocation.
  3. This is the most important thing while finalizing a moving company, make sure they are very transparent while sharing the price and quotation for you. It is must for the moving company to pay a visit to your place to estimate the final quotation.
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