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Best Process of Transferring Utilities to Make Shifting Smooth & Best Way of Shifting fragile Items Smoothly.

Moving the belongings from one place to another can be challenging and there are high chances of damage too. You surely want to avoid all sorts of damage during the transition to the new place, the situation gets more difficult if you have loads of fragile items or home utilities which needs special care. 
Best Process of Transferring Utilities to Make Shifting Smooth.
It is obvious for every home to have a considerable amount of fragile item and electronic goods, the situation is crucial if the items are super expensive or cannot be replaced. It is must to pay extra attention to all the fragile items during a home shifting. 

Here is the best practice to follow in order to safely shift home utilities and also fragile items
Let's see how to begin packing the common utility safety during a move. 
  • 1. Washing Machine:
Before starting with the packing make sure the washing machine is dry and there should not be any clothes. Disconnect the machine and let the inner basket dry completely. Make sure you wrap the top with a dry towel or blanket this will secure all the edges well.
Along with it follow the instructions given in the user manual to protect the tube, if you cannot do alone get help from the professionals. Now, safely wrap the cords and wire in a plastic bag. After reaching the new house, make sure you hire a professional to do the installation of the washing machine.
  • 2. Refrigerator:
Make sure the fridge is empty and discard all the personable items. Remove the cable and wipe the entire fridge with a dry cloth. Make sure the fridge is open for 2-3 days in advance, this will make sure it is free from moisture. Now, pack all the detachable parts of the fridge securely using necessary packing materials. Make sure the compressor doesn't have any water, cover the copper tube and front portion of the refrigerator well in the original cartoon.
  • 3. Microwave Oven:
Being with unplugging the device and then remove the inner glass tray. Use a bubble wrap to secure the tray and carefully place it inside the moving box. The best practice is to pad wrap the microwave and pack it in its original box. Make sure the oven is empty.

Here are some packing tips to pack the fragile items while shifting home
  • 1. Art Work
Artworks are super expensive and irreplaceable, a damaged piece of art can be the worst nightmare for an art lover. The best practice is to hire a packing and moving company in Marathahalli Bangalore. They will securely pack each and every artwork with the right moving material. The moving staff will make sure the packages are delivered to the new place safely.
  • 2. Glassware
Glassware is extremely fragile and needs a high level of care while shifting. Make sure you pack the glassware and crockery in correct sized box. The weight of each box should not exceed 2-2.5 kgs. Always wrap every glassware individually.
  • 3. Mirrors and Photo Frames
While home shifting mirrors and photos can get easily damaged, always pack them in its original box or use a box of similar size. Stuff the bottom of the boxes with old newspapers and secure the edges well using a cushion. Make sure to label the boxes as "Fragile" or "Handle with care" once the entire packing is done. It is best to transport the mirrors and glass photo frames vertically. Make sure you also inform the moving staff about the content, they will deal the boxes with extra caution.

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